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Media Information:

Will Josh be able to use sermon slides at your event?
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*Please note that if sessions are recorded we request a copy of the session recording be given to Josh or sent to the ministry*
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Travel Arrangements

Will Josh be flying to your event?
Is there budget for Josh’s wife or a ministry assistant to travel with Josh?
It is the ministries preference but not policy for Pastor Josh to arrive the day before he speaks to be rested to give 100% of himself to your event. It is with this in mind that we ask you to answer the following question:
We offer several options when it comes to making travel arrangements they are as follows:
Upfront: With the assistance of Pastor Josh’s team you and your staff will plan and pay for necessary travel arrangements up front, Pastor Josh flies Delta unless Delta does not fly into your city.
Reimbursement:Pastor Josh and his team will make and purchase all necessary travel arrangements. (The team will ensure to gain your approval before any purchases are made.) You will then be asked to reimburse Josh the full travel amount prior to or at your event.
Other: If this option is selected you will be asked to contact a member of Josh’s team to coordinate travel arrangements.
Which of these options works best for you?
Where will Josh be staying while he is at your event?
If Josh will be staying at a hotel please provide the hotel information if possible?

Financial Information

Will there be a financial gift for Josh?
If so what is the proposed amount?
Note: Pastor Josh does not “charge” to come preach but normally receives approximately $2,000-$3,000 per event plus previously asked expenses. While this is not required or demanded this is an average based Josh’s other events. All events are negotiable. Also keep in mind if Pastor Josh is asked to speak additional sessions the amount above is subject to change.

Cancelation Policy

If your event is cancelled after travel arrangements have been made we ask that the ministry be reimbursed for all accrued travel cost. We also would ask that if an event is cancelled within thirty days of the proposed date that Josh be offered one-fourth of the above proposed financial gift, if the event is cancelled within fifteen days of the event date we ask that Josh be offered one-third of the above proposed financial gift. Please note that Josh and his team understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances can arise and cause for event cancellation, and this cancellation policy exist in no way to impose a penalty for cancelling. It instead exist to ensure the financial stability of the ministry, Josh and his family. Also, note that all cancellations are negotiable as we hope to find a solution that works for both you and the ministry.
Do you agree to the above terms concerning cancellation?

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